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Grav Labs - Helix Beaker

Grav Labs - Helix Beaker

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The Helix™ Beaker Base Water Pipe is the bong that will make the rest of your collection jealous. Mixing water filtration and the spinning action of the Venturi mouthpiece, you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler or smoother draw. A removable showerhead downstem delivers smoke through the water at the beaker’s base. When you clear it, three air intake holes in the upper Venturi chamber cool and spin smoke in a visible vortex. All that aeration makes inhales practically effortless. You won’t even realize how much smoke you’ve sipped until you exhale. Between the base and the Venturi chamber, a narrow restriction provides a natural grip. Made on heavy duty 60mm borosilicate tubing, this is one hefty smoke delivery system.

14MM Female 45 Degree Joint

14MM Male Helix Slide Included

Features A 6 Hole Perc

Removable 14MM-18MM Showerhead Downstem

Height: 8.5"

Diameter: 4"


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